Cranberries contain powerful proanthocyanidinsontains. 

  • These proanthocyanidins can help inhibit oxidative stress and support urinary tract health
  • One in five women experience a urinary tract infection in their lives
  • Cranberry products have been proven to significantly decrease the number of patients who contracted UTIs in a year

Cranberry benefits

As a rich source of antioxidants, cranberries are being intensively studied for their anti-aging potential and as a means to improve cardiovascular health and the body’s ability to fend off cancers.

Researchers who studied a small group of healthy Danish women observed a marked increase in the subjects’ plasma antioxidant activity about one to two hours after they drank 500 ml of cranberry juice.

Human studies show that cranberry has practical applications in helping to eradicate ulcer-causing H. pylori infection.

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