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Creatine is an amino acid derivative made naturally in the body and can be obtained in the diet from meat and seafood.

Benefits of creatine

  • It can support overall exercise performance by maintaining and encouraging healthy muscle function and energy metabolism
  • Benefits also include helping with brain health and cognition
  • What creatine does is that it helps replenish the muscle cells' energy and promote muscle strength

When to take creatine 

You can take creatine either before or after your workout. it is an amino acid derivative which supports and replenishes your muscles. 

The most common and natural sources of creatine are meat, so it is a good idea to supplement it for anyone following a plant based diet. 

In the case of ageing it is also a good idea to take creatine, as it decreases with age. In the body, creatine is produced in the liver, pancreas and the kidneys. 


Creatine Capsules
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