Life Extension, french peas in a pile on a white background: high fiber foods


Three forms of fiber provide broad-spectrum benefits.

Research has shown that these forms of fiber can protect against the effects of metabolic syndrome, while improving digestion and immune function.

With almost 70% of the immune system located in the gut, it should not be surprising that intestinal fiber fermentation is involved in immune health.

What is fiber?

Researchers have identified three forms of fiber that support both immune and intestinal health:

  • Beta-glucans from baker’s yeast powerfully boost immune function in the intestine 
  • This causes effects throughout the whole body.
  • Beta-glucans can reduce severity and duration of cold symptoms in stressed humans.  
  • This activates immune cells through specific molecular mechanisms.
  • Psyllium fiber and Baobab fruit powder can help support optimum immune, cardiovascular, and metabolic function.

Using these three sources of fiber together can help close the fiber gap in order to ensure total body health.

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