Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that naturally exist in a healthy digestive tract. 

They promote critical cellular signaling that influences the health of your intestines. 

Probiotics can also help protect against autoimmune disorders, metabolic syndrome, immune senescence, chronic fatigue syndrome, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Probiotics are not all the same, it is important to take ones which have been tested and verified as effective in scientific studies.

What are probiotics

  • Probiotics are dietary supplements containing billions of beneficial living bacteria
  • Deliver beneficial bacteria to the colon
  • These bacteria increase in number and amplify their health-promoting effects
  • Prebiotics complement the action of probiotics
  • Prebioics support growth of beneficial bacteria already residing in the colon

Probiotics for women

  • The vagina's health depends on balance of various types of living microorganisms
  • Healthy bacteria protect vaginal health, pathogens increase risk of infections
  • L. plantarum can help impair the pathogenic microorganisms in vagina
  • L. helveticus, can improve gut health, reducing common gastrointestinal symptoms
  • L. helveticus may also boost immune function and resistance to infection
  • These strains of Lactobacillus bacteria have been formulated into a blend
  • Overall, this helps improve womens' vaginal, gastrointestinal, and immune health

Read more about probiotics here


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