Could you use a little more energy?

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Energy is the foundation for overall health, and is needed by the body. The "powerhouse" of cells are the mitochondria, which produce as much as 95% of our cellular energy, giving energy to the organs in our body.

Causes of low energy and general fatigue can be anything from poor sleep, diet, stress to lack of cellular energy. And as we age, we experience higher fatigue levels.

5 tips to boost your energy levels

1) Get good sleep

Restrict your sleep to get more sleep. Promote restful sleep and less time in bed rotating, feeling tired. Try to avoid napping and start with 4-6 hours of sleep, then increase the hours until you know how much sleep you need. To easily fall asleep, try to stop eating and using screens around bedtime and consider supplementing with sleep enhancers.

2) Control and reduce stress

High levels of stress can make you feel tired and drained. Finding ways to minimize lifestyle-related stress can help keep up your energy levels. Consider supplementing with nutrition targeting stress relief.

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3) Move more

Exercise helps to sleep more restful and boost energy levels. However, this may seem counterintuitive, as when you're feeling tired, getting up and moving your body may be the last thing you want to do. Test if supplementing with energy supporters can help kickstart. Some people also recommend NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) as the energy expended for everything we do that is not sleeping, eating, or sports-like exercise.

4) Eat and drink for energy

A diet based on whole, healthy foods benefits your health and energy levels. Also, stay hydrated as dehydration can make you feel tired. Make sure to drink water throughout the day and respond to your thirst. Caffeine can help increase alertness and sharpen your mind, but to get the caffeine's energizing effects, use it judiciously. Lastly, limit sugar and alcohol. It may give a short-term energy boost followed by a slump.

5) Avoid vitamin deficiency

Being tired all the time can also be a sign, you lack essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals as they perform hundreds of roles in the body. They also help convert food into energy and repair cellular damage.

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