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Supporting a healthy lifestyle at any age is important for everyone to pursue, but there is no doubt that men and women both have unique nutritional needs. 

There are hormonal differences, of course, and the aging process treats men and women a bit differently.

Help boost testosterone levels

As early as age 30, testosterone levels start falling at a rate of about 1% per year. 

Lower levels of testosterone are associated with loss of energy, virility, and increased risk of depression, obesity, heart disease, muscle wasting, and more. 

Research has demonstrated that a combination of pomegranate and cacao seed extracts raised testosterone levels and improved mood and strength in clinical studies. (1)

Moreover, the use of the flavonoid luteolin is also shown to support healthy testosterone levels. (1)

These powerful nutrients are found in the products below. Enjoy the benefits of healthy testosterone levels: 

Protecting prostate health

Saw palmetto

Your prostate is a male reproductive gland. What's good for your prostate is good for the rest of you: reduce or eliminate red meat, salt, and alcohol. 

Eat brightly-colored fruits and vegetables (the redder the better). (2)  Why? They're packed with carotenoids, like lycopene. 

Saw palmetto and its active component, beta-sitosterol, are clinically proven to support prostate health. (3)

Saw palmetto can also help promote a healthy inflammatory response, hormonal metabolism, and to reduce urinary problems. (1)


Lycopene is a fat-soluble carotenoid and antioxidant that is found in tomatoes. If you've ever wondered what makes tomatoes red, lycopene is your answer! And while you may be able to get some nutritional lycopene from your daily serving of fruits and vegetables, it's harder to absorb. 

This nutrient not only supports healthy prostate size and function, a crucial element of maintaining men's health, but also arterial and DNA health as well. 

As a nutrient that's also tied to longevity, it's found in many high-quality multivitamins, but lycopene is also available as a stand-alone supplement. (4)


Another prostate health superstar that also happens to have a glowing reputation for its immune health benefits is zinc.

According to Dr. Pavey, beyond contributing to over 100 different chemical processes in the body, this nutrient is found more abundantly in the prostate gland than in any other human tissue. 

A zinc supplement for men can ensure that you're maintaining optimal levels, with the added bonus of immune health-supporting benefits. (5)

Boron & Rosemary

The nutrients boron and rosemary nutrients are shown to provide support to prostate health:

  • The mineral boron, support healthy hormonal metabolism. (1)
  • Rosemary extract has demonstrated anti-prostate cancer activity in preclinical studies. (1)

Promoting a healthy bladder

Pumpkin seed

Your bladder may be near your prostate, but it has a much different job, which is to store and then eliminate liquid waste.

Consuming plenty of water is key to bladder health. And pumpkin seed extract has been found to be bladder-friendly, too.

Saw palmetto

Found in nature, saw palmetto is a berry that is known for having high concentrations of the bioactive compound, beta-sitosterol, and is well known as a urinary health supplement, something that men are more conscious of maintaining as they age.

Maintaining healthy sexual function

Kaempferia parviflora, muira puama, maca & ginseng

For men, sexual health is related to hormone balance, overall physical health and even stress levels. But the single most important factor is healthy blood flow.

Drugs for erectile dysfunction such as Viagra®, Cialis®, and Levitra® promote penile blood flow. But the effects are temporary, and side effects can include skin flushing, visual disturbances, dizziness, and headaches.

Researchers have found a safer way to treat erectile dysfunction and improve overall sexual health: an extract of a ginger-like root called Kaempferia parviflora.

A study adds to previous evidence demonstrating its effectiveness. In the report, improved erections (and general improved sexual health) were noted by 61.5% of participants. (1)

Moreover, to help maintain healthy circulation to the male organs, also try extracts like maca, muira puamaand ginseng


In addition, L-arginine promotes nitric oxide production in your arteries, which is another great way to promote healthy blood flow. 


Research has even found a correlation between zinc and men's sexual health. (5)

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